Mr. Kong Linghua


    Mr. Kong Linghua. As a senior engineer, supervisor
    of postgraduates, he has stepped into the Led decorative lighting industry
    since 1994 and was engaged in the technology development and production
    management of Led lighting for 22 years. He is a technology-based enterpriser
    and becomes the leader in the industry.

    In 2003, he established GLAMOR company.
    Under his careful management, nowadays GLAMOR has become the industry's leading

    He personally also won the following honors:

    1. Jan. 2015 hired as business mentor by
    Zhongshan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

    2. Sep. 2010 elected as Executive Director
    of Semiconductor Lighting (LED) Professional Committee.

    3.Dec. 2007 won the year 2007 most influential business leaders.

    4.Awarded as the innovative influencers of development of Chinese
    lighting industry for 30 years.

    He proposed Glamor’s Enterprise policy:

    “Building high quality products at
    affordable prices, accompany with ultimate service experience for customers”

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