Human Resource Advantage

    We provide neat and tidy office area for our staff and workers. We make sure that our staff and workers are working in a safe and comfortable environment, so as to bring out their most capability and thereby result in providing superior service and products for our valuable customers.    


    Technology Advantage

     Glamor have own biggest LED encapsulation Production lines, modern dustless and non-static workshop.

     1.  Each LED produced by GLAMER is being carefully selected and grouped by computer according to its brightness and color density. From our monthly produced 500 million LEDs, we carefully select 10 million good quality LEDs for the production of our LED lighting products

    2.  GLAMOR LEDs are specially designed for decorative lighting products with its light angle, brightness, color, physical shape.

    LED are designed and produced to achieve the best light output.

    3.  Our LEDs resist better to voltage fluctuation, which results in smaller current fluctuation.

    4.  Our LEDs have ray small decline in brightness. In other words our products remain good brightness for long period of time.

    At the same time, we engage international expert group to instruct our technology all the year round. We also cooperate with Semiconductor Lighting Laboratory of Sun Yat-Sen University to set up Photoelectricity Base to improve our technology.    


    Quality Advantage   

    Complying with ISO9001:2008 to run the production, we control the raw material for the beginning. Since selecting the high quality component is the excellent productions guarantee.

    Take the rope light for example:

    Wire and outer material: we use the crystal PVC plastic which passed the American UL certificate. With the good resist of long period lifetime and electric insulation, clarity, innocuity, no-odorous and indoor safety install.

    Inner conducting wire:  It is made from high grade tinner copper line and   possesses superb corrosion
    resistance, electric conductivity, as well as ideal mechanical properties and consequently bear repeated fold and stretch.  

    Electric component: we use international brand components with its reliable capability, steady function and long life.

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